im 24 now and i have a beautiful loving girlfriend and wife to be but still i cant seem what my life could be, maybe I’m just being ambitious and optimistic and maybe i would start changing my life. Avoid to much smoking,i can consume 2 packs of cigar a day, avoid to much alcohol intake, do great on my job but not to become workaholic, i want to spend time for my self and my love ones, and the most important, i should act more mature think more mature and be more thankful to the Almighty.



  1. frederic1k says:

    Hello Miko,
    Sounds like you have alot to be thankful for. Cherish everything that you have at this current moment. Life can change on a dime. Be true to yourself and the ones you love. Find your real self. Follow your dreams. Never let them die.

  2. Miko Miguel says:

    thanks for the advice mhan and tnx for dropping by on my place

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