What A day(Shotgun Lola’s)

Posted: January 23, 2009 in announcement, Blogging, fun, ideas, life, people, spice of life, thoughts, work
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Last saturday. It was like any Saturday, spending the afternoon hanging out at the mall with friends.
While riding a jeepney on the way home, Nina and I noticed two unique lolas sititng in front of us. The first lola, she noticed, was wearing a purple shirt with the words “EROTIC” in big print. Hmmm… Siguro, nung gumising si lola, sabi nya sa sarili, ‘May asim pa ako at ipaalam ko yan sa mundo!!”… ^_^
The other lola I observed, kept on twitching and jerking, and was having cold sweats. I wonder why? Hmm.. When the driver pulls over to pick-up a passenger, she tells the driver not to because its already full even though the jeepney can still accommodate maybe another three or four passengers. I figured it out, siguro, hindi na talaga mapigilan ni lola na mag-bombs away… The two passengers beside her are already covering their noses… What a day.. ^_^



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